The lymphatic massage is a rather gentle massage technique. The aim of this massage technique is to promote the draining of lymph from various tissues in the body.

Hour      $80   
90Mins  $120

The Benefits of Getting a Lymphatic Massage

There are many advantages to getting a lymphatic massage. There are many types of disorders that can be cured by this massage technique.

Moreover, it may also train the body to fight against infections and viruses. In other words, it could strengthen the body’s immune system. Here is a list of issues that can be cured or prevented if you get a lymphatic massage:

Infections related to cold and flu
Pain caused due to arthritis
Pain resulting from cramps during menstruation
Pain that is caused when women are breastfeeding

It could also:

Increase appetite
Give a substantial boost to metabolism
Eliminate the feeling of fatigue
Eliminate the feeling of depression
Help in curing
sports related injuries by increasing circulation in injured areas